The explosion in on-line video content has created a treasure trove of resources for actors to better understand the art, its time, its place, and its relation to our future in it. Cameron is going to try to come up with regular new examples; examples you watch along with his guiding eye to help see how many hidden lessons lay just beneath the surface. This week you will see, “Ronald Reagan vs. James Dean”. But don’t place your bets just yet; you might be surprised to find out who comes out on top. Sit back, relax, and “click” the box below. We’ll introduce you to a new way to learn about your art through sound and pictures … enjoy!
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Welcome to our website! We are so happy that you are here. Check out the writings, transcripts, audio, and video – all of this is for you, The Actor! The Studio exists for The Actor – spend some time with us and grow!


Welcome to Carter Thor Studio


My partner, Alice Carter, and I created The Studio as a community. We want this website to be an extension of that community. The audio, video, and written word lessons you find here are yours to use and grow with! We may meet you someday here in Los Angeles, or at one of our seminars across the country, but before we meet in person we hope you take what you like from this site and use it to make communities of your own.


These teachings are only a small example of what we have created with actors over the last two decades. We want to share this with you, so that you can share it with the actors you know, and let’s see what kinds of communities evolve.


As important as the ideas that we teach at The Studio are, it is who we are and the nature of our community that makes those ideas work. There is no secret formula, no five, six, or twelve step process that will guarantee your success in the highly competitive world of working as an actor in film and television. There are, however, some practices, some principles, and the paradigm shift that these ideas bring, that will give you a fighting chance.


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100 Years In SHOWBIZ!

Get a history lesson from Cameron Thor as he takes a journey back 100 years.

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